Health and Safety Policy

Health & Safety Policy

FIP Electrical Pty Ltd is committed to providing a workplace that is safe and without risk of injury or illness for its employees and any other people who may be affected by the groups operation. Management believes that the health and safety of people at work is an integral and vital factor to the organization’s successful operation and will therefore commit necessary resources to comply with the relevant WHS legislation.

The aim of the policy is to ensure that pro-active health and safety programs are undertaken to eliminate or control workplace hazards, consultation of all staff members is encouraged and that FIP Electrical Pty Ltd works towards continual improvement of health and safety as a normal part of its operation.

Management / Project Managers Responsibilities:

The promotion and maintenance of occupational health and safety is primarily the responsibility of management. Management is required to ensure that this policy and associated health and safety programs are effectively implemented in their area of control and support supervisors and hold them accountable for their specific responsibilities.

Supervisors / Forepersons / Leading Hands Responsibilities:

Are responsible, and will be held accountable, for taking all practical measures to ensure that the workplace under their control is safe and without risks to health, and that the behaviour of all persons in the workplace is safe and without risks to health.

The supervisor or foreperson that has the necessary authority will be accountable for taking prompt remedial action to eliminate any unsafe or unhealthy condition or behaviour.

Employees’ Responsibilities:

Employees, while at work, are responsible and will be held accountable for ensuring their own health and safety as well as others at their place of work. Employees shall cooperate with the organisation to perform their duties with minimal risk and to comply with relevant Acts, Regulations, SWMS’s, procedures and guidelines for safe work practices.

OHS Consultation

Health and Safety meetings have been established to assist and support the development, promotion and communication of the organizations safety policies and programs between management and employees. These meetings will be a forum for members to monitor and keep under review practices, procedures, equipment or substances that have resulted or may result in injury or illness or give the opportunity for employees to raise any concerns on safety issues in the workplace.

Workplace Injury Management

FIP Electrical Pty Ltd remains committed to a Return to Work process for its injured workers (injured in the course of or arising out of their employment) with the ultimate goal being to return the injured worker to pre-injury duties if possible at the earliest possible time. Employees also have an obligation to co-operate in achieving this goal.



Frank Pirreca

Managing Director