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Central Plaza 1 Annex

Central Plaza 1 - 345 Queen Street, Brisbane

The Annex is a 7 Story Building attached to the iconic Central Plaza 1 in Brisbane CBD, which was opened in 1988.

When it became vacant the owner ISPT decided to take the opportunity to upgrade & repurpose the Annex to take advantage of Brisbane’s climate & promote a laneway culture. 

This involved FIP Electrical Pty Ltd Providing a Design & Construct Package to achieve 3 main tasks.

  • Return the office floors back to base build & upgrade amenities that had become dated. All lighting made use of efficient LED lighting & DALI Control system to enable future tenants to simply reprogram the light control rather than having to rewire, thus reducing fitout times. 
  • Re-configure the Ground floor to for use as a retail space & connection to Eagle lane to link with the Lane way atmosphere developing.
  • Upgrade infrastructure to setup the Annex for the next 30 years.
  • To achieve the objectives FIP Electrical Pty Ltd
  • Striped back of all Tenancy floors to base build, complete with new LED lighting panels & full Dali control system.
  • Refurbishments all the Male & Female Amenities.
  • Strip back the Ground Floor to base Structure to allow re-configuration.
  • Supply & install lighting to Ground Floor.
  • Supply & Install Grow Lighting to Internal & External Green Walls, utilising the latest LED Grow Light Chips to reduce heat load & power consumption usually associated with Green Wall Lighting.
  • Installation of Lighting Control Systems to manage lighting in an efficient manner, to reduce ongoing costs & effect on the environment. Whilst still providing the end users with a seamless interaction.
  • Installation of 2 lifts & ramps to improve accessibility.
  • Installation of Power & Communications infrastructure for 7 additional Retail Tenancies
  • Replace all Tenancy & House Boards throughout the Annex.
  • Install a dedicated Main Switchboard for the Annex to enable better maintenance & operation of Annex infrastructure.
  • Supply & Install Landscape Lighting for the external landscaping. With the external Landscaping upgrade extending to encompass both the Annex & Central Plaza 1.
  • Supply & Install Decorative lighting to the Queens Street Façade & Eagle Lane Façade to provide an inviting feel to the Annex.
  • Upgrade Basement amenities for EOT facilities & new retail spaces.