Power Quality

Experience a Power-filled Life! Choose from a wide-range of excellent-quality Power Services at FIP Electrical and run your life uninterrupted!

Power Quality

Nowadays, majority of the world relies on electricity. Be it running heavy industrial machineries or a small bulb in your house, electrical power is a must.

FIP Electrical ensures the power quality issues including electrical harmonics, poor power factor, voltage instability and imbalance work in a way that doesn’t impact on the efficiency of your assets, their lifespan and lifestyle.

FIP Electrical strives to ensure their customers’ computers, data storage and other sensitive equipment have continuous, reliable and uninterrupted electrical supply.

  • Harmonic filters or reactors
  • UPS system maintenance and installation Power quality analysis
  • Power factor correction
  • Energy auditing of electrical installations Ultrasonic detection and analysis Thermographic scanning
  • Surge protection Harmonic filtering
  • Lightning protection system
  • Standby generators
  • Switchboard installation, maintenance and switching Circuit breaker servicing, repairs & intrinsic testing Circuit breaker retrofit upgrades
  • Discrimination & grading studies of protection services
  • Primary & secondary injection testing of protection devices PLC industrial control systems
  • Comprehensive preventative maintenance services Earthing systems maintenance & testing
  • Battery system maintenance & testing Voltage Optimisation