Routine & Corrective Maintenance

Routine Maintenance

Working as per Technical Maintenance Plans (TMPs) our Licensed Electricians attend site and perform required inspections. The TMP can be developed by our customers themselves or they can partner with us for the same.

The Inspection results are recorded in real time into iPads held by the Electricians. Once the inspection is completed, the Inspection report for the location is automatically sent to the Client Representative’s email for review. If any critical fault concerning safety is been inspected, our Electricians will immediately bring it to the notice of Client Representative and accordingly action will be taken. 

FIP Electrical inspects the following range of assets for multitudes of clients:

  • Switchboards & Change Over Panels
  • Earthing
  • Hardware
  • Power Factor Correction
  •  UPS
  • Poles Testing

We are happy to work with our clients to generate TMPs for any additional asset. We can also employ any Client-specific App to collate assets or condition information.

We can provide assets or defect information in any format as per our Clients’ requests and at any frequency. We also can provide bar code (including QR bar code) for assets identification.

Our Electricians have:

  • Relevant States Electrical Licence 
  • General Construction Induction (White Card) 
  • Perform LV Rescue from live LV apparatus 
  • EWP 
  • Working at Heights (High Risk) 
  • Scaffolding ticket 
  • Asbestos identification and removal 
  • Contained/Confined space 
  • Experience in C Bus and Famco systems

Corrective Maintenance

Corrective maintenance can be as simple as changing one light fitting to running an entire new sub mains. Corrective Maintenance is carried out by our Licensed Electricians van teams.

Each of our vans come fully kitted with necessary equipment such as stock, tools, meters and fiber glass ladders. Our clients can either call us or email the electrical jobs directly to the appropriate FIP office or straight to the dedicated FIP electrician van teams. Based on the urgency of our clients’ jobs, FIP Electrical Services sets up the response times. This simply means, if one of our clients’ is facing acute electrical emergency, our team considers it as priority and provide them services at the earliest.

FIP Electrical team has partnered with a number of leading NSW, QLD & Victorian Electrical Hardware Wholesalers, to provide our customers premium services with top quality hardware. 

We maintain a large construction wing that consumes a lot of construction materials. This showcases our advantage of superior buying ability which we definitely share and extend to our clients as well.